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by Admin on 22/05/2017

This mobile application is based on the Fun palces where users can see the information about the particular place where the user wants to go for there friend trips or family trip and diffrents religional foods recepies are also given where users can tastes the religional foods by making them in few steps.

by Admin on 07/04/2017

By giving people access to remarkable experience we are changing the meaning of the way people had access to medical need, doctors and surgeons. We are providing information to people about the industry where everything is unique, original and where every detail is genuine. With our service you will be able to find the exact doctor you need for your problem without any chaos, thereby saving your precious time. You can get the details of almost everything.

by Admin on 11/02/2016

When students are at a college, they may face many problems. Most of the time, they do not know how to tackle the problem, especially if they are freshmen. The main aim of this project is to create a platform for the students to interact with other students. The application will be Android OS based application, the concern being to help students cope with some of the problems they face. This app includes these features: MyCampus, Lost & Found, Alumni portal .

by Admin on 21/12/2016

This is the online mobile application based on the railways booking support system where users can visit this application and can see the availablity of the train, pnr status, train schedule etc.

by Admin on 15/10/2016

Have you ever experienced trouble in finding a Technician? Electrician, Plumber or Carpenter etc., a very unorganised sector- Challenge is to fix small problems maybe- which when unattended can create bigger problems.Metrofixers is Hyderabad's own Home Services Company.

by Admin on 10/09/2016

No one needs a startup its matter of opinion and personal choice to make a difference. Once the you have technical know-it-all and a little guidance from professional you are more then equipped to get started.